Felt ball rug from image file

With the help of this generator, pixel art graphics can be transformed into a felt ball rug. Each pixel colour of the digital image is assigned a felt ball colour. This gives a first impression of what it would look like in the end with this choice of colour.

How to use:

First, you upload an image file. This is analysed according to its colours and you can assign a matching felt ball to each. For reasons of simplification, the free version is currently limited to a size of 96 x 96 pixels with 32 colours. The generated felt ball rug at max size is still about 1 m x 1 m in size and weighs about 4.5 kg.
Once you have assigned all the colours, the buttons for generating the image and for the enquiry are activated.

Clicking on the button "Generate felt ball image" will open a new window in which you will receive the image from the preview in a better resolution. From there it can be saved with a right click.

The buttons "Inquiry for DIY feltball rug" and "Inquiry for feltball rug" will take you to a request page. With DIY, I would take care of sending you the required felt balls for your motif, together with a high-quality fishing line for knotting. Furthermore, you will receive instructions for an Android app with which you can make the rug yourself, line by line.

When you request a non-DIY rug, you will receive the completed feltball rug.

Should you have any use for images made with this generator and wish to support my pixel art, you are welcome to do so via the link to "Buy me a coffee". Every dragon egg purchased there brings me closer to a new felt ball rug.

If there is interest in larger images with more pixels/colours, please feel free to contact me separately.

Select an image to upload (BMP, GIF or PNG with max 96 x 96 pixels and up to 32 colors):
Bigger images on request.

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