It's "you nighted nations", not "united nations"

20. August 2020

For years now people have been fooled by the United Nations, Google and other search machines. The evidence was there, beneath our noses all the time. It is another proof for Genius in Martin Walykiers lyrics that speaks for itself.
When searching the lyrics of the song "The Great Brain Robbery" you are going to find a vast number of websites sporting it. However at least the ones I checked are all wrong on the following part:

"Leaders of united nations,
Speeches preached from t.v. stations.
Truth or falsehood - no one cares,
All just want to be millionaires."

In fact that maybe exactly what you are intended to hear but what is truly written there is "Leaders of you nighted nations"
Now all you people i's time to no longer get fooled by this great plain eavesdroppery when you listen to the leaders of you nighted nations next time.

If you don't believe me, here comes the proof:

The Great Brain Robbery
And for completeness here come the whole lyrics of this fantastic song:


Why do you still refuse to see,
this vast global conspiracy,
that's infiltrating lives and homes?
(A race replaced by servile drones).

Chips are down and stakes are high,
milk-shake minds are sucked bone dry.
If their fiendish schemes should fail,
they'll smoke us all - but won't inhale!

The evidence was there,
beneath our noses all the time.
We're too gullible to care,
they conceived the perfect crime...
The Great Brain Robbery.

Met my neighbour one fine morning;
Spoke of planetary warming.
She looked at me and laughed;
wait and see who's laughing last.
Dread to think how deep they stoop,
dredging for new dopes to dupe.
Plots so blatant yet sublime;
fool all the people all the time.

False prophets ever lie,
of non-existent better days.
Then as judgement hour draws nigh,
They make their hasty getaways...
The Great Brain Robbery.

Leaders of you nighted nations,
speeches preached from t.v. stations.
Truth or falsehood - no one cares;
All just want to be millionaires.

Armed with charm the slick of wit,
contort each thought - waive every writ.
Devise new means to beat the charge,
Disguised 'neath urbane camouflage.

They subjugate free-will,
with intolerance and strife.
Won't be content until,
they own your money and your life...
The Great Brain Robbery.

M. Walkyier 2000